Trying To Manipulate Vanity

This morning’s musing. Sent to special friends, as usual.

Trying To Manipulate Vanity. 💄💋🧘‍♀️🎭⏳😇
(emojis were just right as an ingenious shorthand & summary for the process & aim)

When putting on my makeup – which I like to do each day,
I dedicate it all to You, so far away, yet here to stay.
A complex thing to clarify,
Knowing You to be an abstract energy.
But anyway, I write and try,
This ego my, not good or bad, just my, oh, my.

When it turns to vanity
It sets illusionary dreams to task,
Asking them if facial beauty
Has a value or a duty.
Part of me says “No, of course not!”
Facial looks will die and rot
Just like the rest, and still I don’t
Regard the process with disdain
But daily put on lovely war paint
With an artist’s sense of balance,
Playing round as if I had artistic talents.

In the end, with all this insight,
I devote the conflict
All to You;
A ‘you’ I cannot shape or view,
And use the process as a yoga:
Means to grow
And not an ogre;
Someone who likes beauty for the sake of beauty,
Nothing more.
Trying to transpose a vice into a pure,
Right-minded quality.

Trying To Manipulate Vanity 1.22.2019 Circling Round Vanities II: Arlene Nover Corwin

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