Copycats All:An Ode To Pep You

I was thinking about how we create, and how we need and are attracted to influences that nurture us, perhaps all our lives. I think I’ve worked six hours on this: the meter, the rhyme scheme, the choice of words… still think it needs a little something. Tell me.

I like the concept. I hope you get the yin/yang allusion.


(Revised. It lacked so much before✍️

We’re copycats all – and it’s healthy.

Coins have double sides, so naturally,

One can spend months, years, merely days

Courting the wrong face of one’s pennies.

It can’t matter.

Everything we do is cluttered

(slight. very, copiously, lots)

The moment’s mind-state fixing choice.

So give your voice to instinct’s sense

That does SO matter

As you climb the human ladder,

Mindful of each phase’s border;

Copying what touches, reaches,

Even from the cheapest bleachers.

As you climb each step,

This tiny ode is here to

Snap, push, pep you up

With vim and zip.

Copycats All: An Ode To Pep You 1.24.2019 Circling Round Reality; Arlene Nover Corwin

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