Working Through Thought-Come-To-Life & Who’s To Say?

OH, MY DEARs, DO FORGIVE ME. I’VE BEEN SO-O-O PRODCTIVE TODAY. (BUT SSH, I THINK THEY’RE QUITE GOOD. AM I TOO VAIN? IS IT HUBRIS?). I kept meaning to practice for the performance on Feb 7th, and kept winding up at the computer. In fact, I started to think about the second one while in the bathtub. Goodness, this poetry stuff overtakes me. I hope I don’t burden you.

Working Through A Thought-Come-To-Life✍️

After all the time of alterations,
Reconstruction, wooing,
Swapping, substitution, plain redoing,
One begins to see a rhythm in and out the line;
A something not cry about, groan or complain,
For it, benign, makes for the ‘real’ of art;
Rhyme & meter in the walls, the very cell
Fulfilling which one cannot help but feel well.

Perhaps a look into thoroughness of the poetic bent,
Put under microscope of goodly strength,
Reveals endless levels, endless youth;
Embryonic possibilities which only come to birth
When worthy poet cozies up to word and breadth.

After all the time of playing blacksmith
To the craft of scribbling,
Not just dabbling –
Finally, yes finally, a text without pretext
Or mixture comes to earth.
One has said the thing one had to say
The best, if not the only way
One could – that day.

Working Through A Thought-Come-To-LIfe 1.30.2019 The Processes: Creative, Thinking, Meditative; Arlene Nover Corwin

       Who’s To Say?🤫

Let’s propose a single cause,
Acting without pause
And always out of nature’ laws;
Laws that never freeze
And work forever by degrees.

Again, let us hypothesize, or let’s suppose
That every phase is just a phase –
Can never last, must always pass…
For nature never makes mistakes;
From calm to quakes
The shake and break earth’s outer crust,
Pulverised to primal dust.

And starting over from the violence
To a peace: decrease, increase,
A never ceasing.

In, out, up down…
All the laws that form from one
Unceasing cause
That has no volume, weight or pressure;
Yet accomplishing all measure
Of phenomena.
Always keeping with the law
And all its tributaries branching off
From cough to laugh
And all the stuff one’s clueless of.

We’ve words like chance, coincidence,
Fate, accidents.
But then there’s providence
And prudence (wisdom):
Words implying something good
Involving and revolving round
Existence sound.

Who’s to say
Which theory
Is simple guesswork without end?
I have a hunch the first one based
On single cause
Is easiest on heart and mind
And your best friend.

Who*s To Say?1.30.2019 The Processes: Creative, Thinking, Meditative II; God Book II; Arlene Nover Corwin

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