I Write To…

“And here I was, thinking that the poems were too much of a burden for some! Thank and bless you all! 

I write to be read. I write to share. I write from some magic, mysterious force and source”

I’m quoting myself and isn’t that brash:
A Facebook answer dug from ashes of awakening.
In answer to some lovely comment, I replied,
“ I write to share, write to be read…
I write in form
From some mysterious and magic norm
Sent by conundrum’s force and source;”
I’ve frilled my answer,
Filled my answer
All because I am a poet
In my heart,
Not smart – besotted and bewitched
By thought through language.
Not thought-through, but thought, through word.
How I anguish over each and every turd.
Anyway to sum it up,
I send you friends, a cup of wine
Which lots of you think fine, and
Which I see a hint of the divine in.
Yours devotedly, Arlene
Think on this: creativity comes out from accident and chance.
Things that happen bouncing out from nowhere planned –
And isn’t that the grandest thing!

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