Happy & Handsome

Photo discovered on Facebook’s ‘memories’. Wow!😀🥰😍

Happy & Handsome💕📸

Someone took a photo: a man & wife photo.
A charming libretto, bel canto, a logo
For gladness and love.
She looked so happy and he looked so handsome.
The whole photo sunny, the whole photo winsome.

As poet I thought, “now therein’s a title”
And so it began, the pondering whittling
An essence and extract distilled from above.

Simple and peaceful, the pair almost playful
And prayerful, the photo caught all.
Stability shone through. Harmony too.
Cheer bursting through to complete all the virtues.

Someone took a photo which wound up on Facebook.
A picture to spread to the heart with a lace like
Impression of sweetness.

We thank you whoever…wherever you are
To take such a photo and make it a star.

Happy&Handsome 2.12.2019 Love Relationships II; Arlene Nover Corwin

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