Another Autobiographcal Anomaly

A much better version: ✍️


My memory, how is it working?
Reconstructing what I will,
But no matter how I will it,
Using tricks or keeping still,
It goes downhill while lurking.

Mostly, I can’t get the date
Or the event – details I railed at,
Smiled or wailed at.
Where I laid the pen just used;
That is NOT amusing.

I read that histamine boosts memory.
What do I prioritise with ear, nose, eye?

My husband tells a story
But his story and the history keep changing.
Joke? Sheer smoke? based on illusion
And projection?
He’s an honest man.
Why change the plan or plane?
How to help boost our brain?
Enigma and for some a stigma.

Diet, food:
The marvel is the wondrous good
It does in spite
Of all the things we don’t do right.
We’re losing neurons constantly
From ages six- or seventy.

Training. Learning.. Instrument.
Being bent on any- something!
For just about all/everything is heaven sent.
That’s what I read
And what I think,
And where my intuition and my instinct lead.

Anyway, this poem is just another way to do it.
Renewing bits with any course available,
And one in which a syllable will stick.
The main thing is to get a kick
Out of the rhythmic lyric of our life.

Another Autobiographical Anomaly 2.11.2019 Pure Nakedness II; Arlene Nover Corwin

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