Lover And Beloved

Seldom examined.

           LOVER AND BELOVED✍️💕

The lover and the lov-ee –
Is there any difference ‘tween the two in any way?
It’s a question that occurred to me this morning
As I was about to start the day.
I have been both.
Each in truth.
I have been loved unqualifiedly,
And I have loved with and without reciprocality.
But never have I looked into the role each play.
If I think philosophically
Or even spiritually
One gives the tools of love for free.

Love shouldn’t have to love me in return.
Of course it hurts to spurn, be spurned,
Be burned, un-yearned for.
Yet, there’s something in love’s definition
Which demands unself-ing self from love’s addiction:
Both ob- and subject unconditional.

You man object to parts or all
Of what I call love and lov-ee.
Love has no ownership, you must agree.
Yet me and you
Will always be
A never disappearing two.
And two must always keep identity.

Be that as it may,
What you would not want for yourself
You ought to want for others:
Friend or foe, brother, lover
Which, in this case is subject, object, project of this little poem.
Love should feel like home, not tomb or catacomb.
Cozy, comfortable and peaceful,
Agreeable, relaxed un-needful, un-deceitful.

I’m thinking, in the end, there should be
Little difference between giving and receiving love,
Each role a wingéd dove
That flies from me to you and you to me.
For free,
as said.

Lover And Beloved 2.16.2019 Love Relationships II; Arlene Nover Corwin

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