A Zillion Ways To Heal Yourself

There’s always more to think about and say.

There are a zillion ways to heal yourself.
A zillion ways to strengthen, fortify or kill yourself –
Or add to and renew
The zillion body parts that make up ‘you’.
There are a zillion methods, skills and knacksA
To crack the secrets of the heart, mind, soul
That make and build the whole of you,
Re-shaping both the the outer and the inner
So that in the end, the sinner you is gone,Z
Supplanted by a winner you:
Be it trimmer, more profound, or thinner you.

You’d be amazed if you could glimpse
The person you could come to be
With strategies discovered
With a focussed sample of your body,
Taking in the mind and psyche.
And the secret? If there is one,
It is zooming in – a concentration
Done again, again, again;
A climbing in
As simple as a dimple or a pimple
Void of pus.
(excuse the tasteless ‘pimple’ use)

No smattering of chatter,
This, a formula for
Healthy, strong, pure
Flesh and bone
And every tissue that’s your own.

Not wanting to wear out your eye or ear,
I’ll not list more specific ways right here
But save that for another time;
Another set of words and rhyme.

Take my word for it;
There are a zillion tactics to stay fit.
I work at it when writing, eating, lying, sit,
Move and think,
Working to slow down and heal
The sinking fates of steel that steal
The things, which like the rest of you, I feel.
Stick around. I will return
To tell you more of what I learn or earn
In every phase of all the zillion ways.

A Zillion Ways To Heal Yourself 2.19.2019 Nature In & Of Reality; Arlene Nover Corwin

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