If I Had An Editor🤔✍️📚

If I had an editor outside my self,
Beside my self, my book –
It well, it might look different;
Prettier, more organised, readable, a better font,
With chapters and a bookmark
Sewn and pliant,
Layout starkly more attractive,
Poems easier to get into,
The Corwin world, no matter how obscure,
Would lure and draw you,
Corwin’s world alluring.

It is difficult to work alone,
Be spurred on
By and on one’s own.

One tinkers with the stinkers,
For sometimes the poems are crap,
And only when one’s left them, coming back,
Re-read them
Can one throw away the scrap,
Take out the kernel and begin again.

One might have written one in ninety-one,
Gone back, begun,
And finished with finesse two thousand ten.
There’s just no way of telling when;
Creativeness takes time, has no intent
And knows no end.

So, if I had editor:
An agent, marketer – in short,
Someone with faith and energy and zeal,
That Corwin writing has a keel
Of base stability, validity, nobility and beauty,
Then the opus might look different, right extraordinary.

(In humility, I guess
This ode/hypothesis
To all and each..
So’s not to preach
I dedicate this bit of fluff
To everyone who writes this stuff).

If I Had An Editor 2.22.2019 A Sense Of The Ridiculous II; Arlene Nover Corwin

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