Does The Universe Have Consciousness?

To all my Facebook friends who have and do not open it, or my non-Facebook friends do not have it at all. Also to my friends who have never opened my Arlene Corwin site but who I think might be interested in this speculation.

I suspect it is so.
Things come and they go,
Obeying some laws we can never know.

Particles that pass from time to come
To time that’s passed,
The neither lasting
Long in taking
Shape or termination.

Yet there’s oneness:
There’s a uni-verse,
Maybe a multi-verse stuck in a universe
Larger than this.
Kissing outer-verses
Nursed by a causal consciousness
Supreme and prime:
Consciousness Time, consciousness ‘I’m’.
Consciousness Name, consciousness Aim;
Consciousness in which all life is totally the same
Inside its form, its formulas and formlessness,
It’s symmetry and chaos –

So, in thoughtfulness (that also comes and goes),
i have a hunch it is so.

Does The Universe Have Consciousness? 2.24.2019 Nature Of & In Reality; Arlene Nover Corwin

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