The Definitive Book



( Or song, face, faith, health, course of action
– a one of a oneness.)

One’s looking for
The final, qualitative book to publish.
Filling hours to swap and switch
A finite, ever growing list
To share without a fear
Of boring far and near…
That is the quest.

Layouts titles, subject matter;
Constitution, character and inner chatter;
Tendencies belonging to the moment
All a hinder and facilitator.

All alone without advice,
Choices umpteen times too many,
One’s in a vice.
And that’s not funny!

Probably and ultimately
There will be some 30 books –
Done alone by one lone cook.
Sounds a fib, a sketchy glib and woolly hoax.
But there it stands: not one page blank;
Some 30 volumes in the bank,
The data base: tweaked, tinkered with in theme and looks,
The same amended poem appearing three completely different years,
Which always brooks the query:
When is work the best can be?
When’s work a unity, totality;
A project unconditionally
Right for me
And all we striving and contriving living.

For instance, this was written
Eighth of June two thousand seven,
Then again two thou- eleven.
Now, two thousand nineteen,
Many years come in between,
And this was found again on scraps;
(it happens that I write on scraps
Hanging round, suddenly or never found).

Definitive may not exist.
So I’ll not make a fist
At something that does not exist,
But take the gist of what I say
And carry on until the day
I have fulfilled my task,
And ready to lie in my casket,
List a practically all done
I just may feel that I have won.

The Definitive Book 2.25.2019 The Processes: Creative, Thinking, Meditative II; Arlene Nover Corwin

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