A Slow Unfolding

I suspect it’s all of us.🧘‍♀️
A Slow Unfolding

It’s been a slow unfolding:
Slow and building;
Searching for the certainties
That seem to come alone from faith
Constructed and contributed
By scientific findings, books of methods,
Books religious, philosophic,
And plain recipes to keep one healthy:
Faith and actual combined.

There is work and there is trust.
There’s been gratitude and lack of, thus,
Behavioural and mental,
All a conquering of blindnesses,
Lack of knowledge, biases
Both good and bad,
Finding out about oneself is all one had,
For in the end, it’s all one has:
Oneself, the self, a Self in common with the world.

And karma’s dance
And luck and chance;
Barging in, the genes, upbringing,
World at large;
You can’t escape them, forming and informing views
Based on triviality’s illusions;
Valueless desires and dreams,
Worked on, worked out schemes
That lead to nothing but confusion
Followed by depression
Showing up itself a zillion ways.
Lucky those whose stays
Of such are short of just amazing!

Lucky those who find techniques
For gaining expertise and skill that never leaks,
And unlike most of us
Carries on in consciousness,
Awareness, understanding and intelligence
Of every kind.
Lucky those who find
A way to keep unfolding
In all ways, on every level:
Lovely face, aging’s grace,
Thoughts that keep away their evil.

Maybe it will always be
A slow f-unfolding,
Which is certainly ok with me.

Slow Unfolding 3.4.2019 Pure Nakedness II; Definitely Didactic II; Circling Round Reality; Arlene Nover Corwin

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