I Didn’t Dare

Partly autobiographical, partly didactic, wholly spontaneous. About a jazz singer, but meant to be about universal development

      I Didn’t Dare 🎼

(a jazz musician sings her song)

What was wrong?
I did not dare to sing my song
The many ways I might have favored:
Ways I would have plumped for
Had I had more pluck or valour.

I’d have liked to act out a behaviour
Which behaviour could have been a saviour,
Done things that I did not dare.
Where was my head?
Why so afraid?

What did I think could happen
If I championed inner feeling?
Causes closed inside
I paused, went on to hide
An Arlene that had meaning.

Pride? It wasn’t that.
Fear? But fear of what?
Criticism of mistakes? Told I had not what it takes?
Rejection of the unearned kind?
One’s learned to not mind
Turning down, refusal or dismissal,
None of which have real clout.
Inside or out, what power have they?
Absolutely nothing.

Now I dare.
Creative means I didn’t know were there;
Impromptu qualities that take me over.
Qualities to share for values that feel worthy:
Values worth the passing on:
Bravery, audacity, a broadened capability,
Honesty, and ego free of situation,
Giving of the self without a care.
All of these have made me dare.

As a cautionary explanation
Take this as today’s instruction,
One completely without doctrine.
It’s just nice to give out what one can.

I Didn’t Dare 3.10.2019 Pure Nakedness II; Vaguely About Music II; Arlene Nover Corwin

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