True Caffeinated Confessions

One of my silly ones. But I love it – love it enough to have spent the time revising i.e. re-working, having stumbled upon it not half an hour ago.

(one day some coffee company is going to give me a noble prize for all the eulogising poetry I’ve written to it)
You all know how one just loves one’s morning cup of coffee! 😜


When I’m high,
And morning cuppa’s done the trick,
Slow-ish thyroid smart and quickened,
Then I start;
Choices clear, mind too,
Arms, legs, all body knowing
What to do
And even how to do it.h
‘High’ sounds utterly,
So totally, so wholly, so taboo it’s
Clearly hyperbolic overkill
To nearly blame it, dearly name it
The result of coffee.

Back to diplomatic understatement:
When I’m high and un-befuddled,
Elevated in an un-bemuddled way,
In optimal condition where
I share in
Energies that pick and choose
So’s not to lose a time so prime.
The wonder is,
The mind, which picks and clicks,
Multi-tasking, seeding shortcuts,
Riotous new recipes,
Old elements, new mergers.
Even quiet and no-fuss ideas
From made-up phrases that proliferate.
Select and nominate –
High’s amazing!
And it only takes one cup of coffee to a-raise it.
Thus I praise it!
In conclusion:

If there’s been collusion between you and me,
And on some level you agree
I’ve reached the goal of vers-itry,
And these one hundred ninety really odd,
God given words were worth it;
Worth the birth pains and the plod.

True Confessions: When I’m High 3.12.2018 Revised3.11.2019 A Sense of The Ridiculous II; Coffee Book II; Arlene Corwin

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