Two Things Operating

Two Things Operating 🧘‍♀️

There are two things operating both at once.
The never-ending cosmic law,
The underlying core
In motion till the end of time
Working all things out,
Working in you –
Which is all that counts.

One which you cannot make sense of
All except for choices made, results thereof.
Acceptance and rejection for the this and that
Which leads us to life-meant-to- be: peace, beauty, love.

Since it is law inherent in the way of things,
To find if for yourself
(a thing to do
If you’re to
Stop life’s sad self-doubts)
The best is to say no to fear,
Yes or no to choice most near,
Hear the voices in your ear
And trust the fairy godmother
Behind that urge.
You will eventually purge uncertainty.

You’ve a microscope inside you.
You’re a Nobel Prize researcher
Never knowing when your very own antibiotic
Will show up – fortuitously, accidentally,
By a fluke and serendipitously.*

Two Things Operating 3.5.2019 Definitely Didactic II; Nature Of & In Reality; Arlene Nover Corwin

*serendipity; If you don’t know the word, it is a word worth looking up, it is a word of promise.
The same goes for ‘fluke’.

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