Trying To Manipulate Vanity

 Once again I’m sending this out to a) friends I’m seldom in touch with, b)  people I only meet on my email site who I suspect are interested or touched by this topic, c) friends who don’t have Facebook or never look at my site Arlene Corwin Poetry both .com and net, d) people I’m fond of who have Facebook but who anyway, I like to keep in personal touch with.  In other words,  all kinds of relationships I want to stay in reach out to.  
  As for the poem, I love it.  (You now how it is with a new baby).  That’s why I’m sending it at all.  Besides which, vanity, facial makeup or not, affects us all, and we shouldn’t be fooled by it.  It’s not a good thing.


When putting on my makeup, which I like to do each day,
I dedicate it all to You so far away yet here to stay.
Knowing, hoping, speculating on this abstract energy –
A complicated thing to clarify.
I’ll try:
There it sits, this ego-my;
Nothing good or bad – just my.

When it turns into a vanity
It sets illusionary dreams to task,
Asking them
If facial beauty
Has a value or a duty.
Part of me says “No, of course not.
Facial looks will die and rot
Just like the rest of you”.

And still I do not view
The process with disdain,
But daily put on liner, lipstick,
Every stroke and trick
A sense of look and balance;
Not too thin and absolutely not too thick,
Playing ‘round with all that paint
As if I had an artist’s talent.

In the end with all that mastery,
Dedicating it to You (a What or Who I cannot govern),
I define it as a means to grow into
A person who likes beauty for the sake of beauty;
Trying to manipulate a quality
Which at worst’s a waste, at best’s a fancy.

Trying To Manipulate Vanity 3.16.2019 Circling Round Vanities II; Found On Scraps; Arlene Nover Corwin

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