The Perfect Comment

      The Perfect Comment😍🎹👩‍🎤✍️🎬📚
  (a continuation of ‘Comments Versus Likes')

I love it when the reader can identify
With what’s been offered, what’s been done.
Love it when the quality that make you ‘you’
Helps you come through.
When the quality of being true is felt or shared
By someone somewhere, anywhere,
And shared in some root way.

Film, poem, painting – any form of word or picture.
Any work that represents an effort on the part of a creator.
That’s the aim. Always the same.
To comment with some sort of affirmation is the game.
The perfect way to utter
For it is the perfect footnote. Closure.

The Perfect Comment 4.9.2019 Our Times, Our Culture II; Definitely Didactic; Arlene Nover Corwin

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