Can It Be?

I never intend to write and then…. reading something that moves me, I write. Maybe that’s the secret behind this poet’s produce! Reading, hearing, seeing, thinking, reacting…🧘‍♀️✍️❤️

While not the least politically
Inclined I have to query why
In my beloved country,
Pentagon (I read), spent (needlessly),
A coinage even I, without a medical degree
Could cure an awful lot of disabilities!
Imagine what the pros could do!

Wait ’til you hear the nuttiest of items yet.
You’ll soon be fainting on the parquet:
Two million of your hard-earned cash –
Wait for it! On lobster tail!
While railing rashly against Medicare
And Medicaid for all! (Oy vey, I’m falling).

Simplistic me! It isn’t hard to see
That government and body
Have one aim, and one aim only:
To help make this world a better place
By lacing, facing, gracing programs
With suggestions and investments
That will help the mass.
Straightforward as transparent glass, yes?

Climate change, free schooling from the bottom up.
While cups of money runneth over,
Billions go to wars and guns – all means to death
While I sit hear and hold my breath,
In harrowed sorrow.

Can it be that my beloved country
In its cherished form, democracy
Is sailing straight towards lunacy?
Denials and reprisals and…
All sorts of imbecility?

I do my bit, and this is it!
(at least a part)
For it’s my heart that’s breaking.
Can It Be? 4.13.2019 Our Times, Our Culture II; Arlene Nover Corwin

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