Finally, Black Hole Captured

Black hole, a point of Infinite compactness;
Perforation in the timeless emptiness
Of outer space, deep space, a place
Of absolute no legroom:
A space/place I’ve no words for.

Where (if one can use a where)
The gravity is such a weight, so great
No light can come away.
It can’t escape, it can’t get out
No matter how you pout or shout;

Electro- radiation quanta
In a spectrum we can measure
Which we choose to christen photons,
In a wavelength spectrum of all colors we can see!
Oh my, oh me!

Partly wave/and particle
To which the journey in a vacuum
At the speed of dash_ kilometers a second
We’ve assigned the name of Light
Is swirling energetically –
Which sounds as if it’s very busy
When the only thing is seems to do
Is eat. How sweet!

A wobbling hole whose only job
Is gobbling up, down, on and in
A not two-day but ever-daily binge.
How droll!
A hole of black
From which no something or no nothing’s ever, ever
Coming back!

Finally, Black Hole Captured 4.11.2019 A Sense O The Ridiculous II; Circling Round Nature II;
Our Times, Our Culture II; Nature Of & In Reality;

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