Waiting For April/The Daffodils

Another April poem. Am I obsessed, or is it April that is the catalyst?👩‍🎤🐥🐇
Waiting For April (To Turn To May)

One waits for the months to turn,
Mind, heart a-burning for springtime’s returning.
One waits for the spurning of stern Feb and March,
For early darks and ice packed snow to simply go;
The tendril more than slender wisp,
Cold winds that lost their stringent grasp,
The lengthy rays of longer light,
With birds from other lands in flight,
Preparing wings not yet a-nesting…
All these signs attesting…
This one awaits the final day
To turn voilá, to flowering May!

Still in nature mode.

The Daffodils Are Out🌹🌺🥀🌸🌼🌻(couldn’t find any daffodils in the emojis)

The daffodils are out and up,
Pre-cursing any buttercup that’s bound to rise,
A prize which may bring other blooms.
It’s too soon to declare what, where:
Crocuses already here – here and there.
Indoors, hyacinth is growing like nobody’s business,
Amorous show-off-y amaryllis
Struts his stuff
Like peacock tail’s fluff stealing the show.
Outgoing that he is, he likes to crow.

Outdoors the rival squirrel
Steals the seed from birds in need.
He doesn’t care, the tantalizing food is there
And he/she has small babies to go halves with.
Actually, I’ve no idea what family life Is all about.
So I’m allowed to have my doubts
And even guess where Mr/Mrs have their nest.

Back to the flowers: Scilla is a pretty one;
Blue as the sky and bell-shaped,
Covering the landscape
In contrast to grass whose green controls the scene.
As for dandelions, special thanks
When banks on road’s edge and our lawn
Produce these yellows on
Which every part is edible: How laudable!
Leaf for salad, root for coffee (though ersatz)
Bloom for dandelion wine. Congrats!
To diverse flowerets, all in spring,
Flowering for no one’s sake, reasoning
Completely missing.
If they had two hands, I’d shake them,
Each and every her and his.

I just hope the bees will come out loud and strong
A-buzzing and a-pollenating ‘fore too long.
The Daffodils Are Out 4.15.2019 Circling Round Nature II; Arlene Nover Corwin

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