A Bit Of Buddhistic Thought In Arlene-Speak

The mixture of Vedanta, Hinduism and Buddhism that’s had a part in shaping all these years. Of course there have been other parts of this mixture, but this is on the board at the moment.

Things quickly come and go:
Dew white and wet, dry, none to get;
Lightening bright and white and sudden,
Over in a nano-second;
Dream when nothing can be held
On waking is recalled detailed;
Shadows never leaving us, not caught or grasped.
On all that moves, will-o’-the-wisp.’

We are the same
Except for shape and look and name.

Forms change diversely,
Yet they share a cavity, a kind of
Emptiness and empathy
(a paradox if e’er there was one)
None precluded, and no thing,
Which seems to bear the ring of truth:
Illusions on the outside, with an inside that just is.

I don’t know what doesn’t show
A crux that’s shared, a germ un-bared.
The core, the nucleus, the essence
But a nescience, yes,
A kind of emptiness.

A Bit Of Buddhistic Thought In Arlene-Speak 4.17.2019 Circling Round Reality; Nature Of & In Reality; Arlene Nover Corwin

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