Comments vs Likes

This is a standing consideration of mine: In fact, I’ve just rewritten it and dared to make it even stronger🧘‍♀️
I do prefer a ‘Comment’ as opposed to ‘Like’.
It is more supportive, justifying and confirming.
There is a sloth in Like.
It says, “I’ve seen your work, but lack the drive and will
To analyze or criticise.”
I myself make efforts to do either/or or both.
It is a way to honor writer, painter – anyone whose entry
Rates a thoughtful, grateful, grading,
Not the least, a kindly greeting.

Maybe Facebook has to change the word
From quasi-turd (my own deduction) to another
More demanding term.
Do you, dear reader disagree, agree,
Or have you never given idea scrutiny?

Here’s a thought:
Try to enter some prioritized idea to see
What feedback you receive online.
Try to feel the feeling that it gives: some fine
Bouquet of gladness or the slight hint of rejection.

Unresponsiveness must be a no-no;
It produces disenchantment,
For we human beings need to know
We are alive in mirrored eyes
Any form of love much better than no love at all.
Like is often meanly small:
Insufficient, skimpy, measly, piddling, sketchy: just too little!

CommentS Versus LikeS 4.9.2019 Definitely Didactic; Our Times, Our Culture II; Arlene Nover Corwin

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