Everyone Is Asking For Money💲

It keeps popping up!

  Everyone Is Asking For Money 💲

Everyone is asking for money.
I turn on the TV: they’re asking for money.
Turn on computer, my mail – the same.
The pictures are awful.
The damned thing is global:
Weather, destruction, starvation
In nature by nation – increasingly same.
People, the forests, politics, candidates –
List upon list in non-stop variation,
Growingly worse, the facts and condition:
To choose is just ‘no’ or ‘yes’,
Guessing which donee needs succouring more,
The money and/or their or your.
To name, reader dear, some prioritized cause
Is only to make the worse suffering more.
An elephant killed,
A life stilled forever;
Polar bear, flower,
A child overpowered –
The list never ending.
What, where, who to give to
When all the world’s asking
While we may be basking Florida’s sun.

Then there’s corruption!
Who knows
Where the money goes?

Everyone Is Asking For Money 5.3.2019 Our Times, Our Culture II; Arlene Nover Corwin

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