Another God Think

I just happen to be God oriented. It often provides the best language for me. To my non-God-oriented friends, this is as much a comment on ‘our times and culture’ (the name of one of my books, book two to be edited sometime in the future) as it is a God thing.

      Another God Think😇

God, make my day’s decisions right,
Despite the wrongings day and night
Of floods and bombs, earthquakes in the Philippines;
Mozambique, Venezuela… all the other in betweens.

Life being choice; no more than that at every juncture,
Each selection an election, each a cause and each an action.
One could name a hundred lands
With conflicts, warlords, wars of words
Leading to their full-charged ends.

Corruptions or eruptions; what’s the difference?
Earth’s circumference does never alter
With each wiping out and slaughter,
But corrodes the fringe of evolution more
Than might have been had not the mired whore, the flare,
The tumour and the czar and carnivore of anger
Taken over.

It’s now old news.
Other woes have come to light since verse took shape,
None the better, for the curse or sanctioning of destiny
Is also forming every second, every beckoning.
Go on with your pre-known stuff,
We’ll know it when you’ve had enough.
Your reckoning will show us.
Another God Think 5.7.2019 God Book II; War Book; Our Times Our Culture II;Arlene Nover Corwin

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