Answers To Some Readers’ Comments

5.7.2019 Regarding Another God Think: God doesn’t put things into motion. That’s only a Michaelanglo/Sistine Chapel/Judeo/Christian image. This ‘God’ is just an energy that has within itself qualities of cause and effect and Nature. In other words, qualities that act as laws – all unavoidable: You know, ups and downs, ins and outs, building ups and breaking downs. You put too much emphasis on the religiosity of it. No wonder you react with such skepticism. It’s only natural, if you think in those terms. I don’t tend to (think in such terms). I don’t even always use the term God. The anthropomorphising of this phenomenon is natural. I don’t even see maps as maps I see them as faces, animals, all kinds of figures which makes it easier for me to identify what they stand for. Don’t you ever find yourself anthropomorphising?

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