My Half Birthday

You will excuse a small vanity, I hope.🧘‍♀️🎶🎂✍️

  My Half Birthday (a personal indulgence)

My half birthday is today,
A whole half day and then away
To eighty-five jive years to play –
And then again away for good;
One does not know.
(One hopes to live some childhood
In some good future, somewhere further).

Anyway, today¨’s a midway point, a joint and jaunt
To next November,
To remember because life is short.
You never feel it till the days feel thwarted,
Only half supported and no longer courted
By rich years to come.
And so, it’s just to sing and hum,
Composing songs in every nowness’ moment,
Holding comment negative in check.
What the heck!

Today I celebrate this potent day as poet,
Jazz musician, yogin, cook, proponent
Of delight’s sensation
Made of smiles and miles of satiation.
My Half Birthday 6.8.2019 Birthday Book; Pure Nakedness II; Birth, Death & In Between III, Arlene Nover Corwin

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