Gym Teacher

(a dedication to a Swedish guy named Davy)🏋🏻‍♀️

Inspiration all around & everywhere,
This teacher who knows bodies – mine, his, everyone’s,
Inventing movements, game-combined, exercising mind
And finding weaknesses, the strengths behind.
This teacher reaches out to muscle
In a room of tousled hairdos.
Balls, weights, mats walls, bicycles
That chase our fates, it would seem that lessons last well after.
Teacher, guru-of-the-gym: a treasure.

One’s seen men not worth their salt,
Exalted, so-called gurus shedding so-called light.
This coach mine gives might
That wakens wisdom, his domain deserving as can be.
Inspiration all around to those who see it.
Extensively, he reaches out to you and me
In every nook and cranny of this body.
Gym Teacher7.16.2013/rewritten 5.9.2019 Swedish Book; Special People, Special Occasions; Arlene Nover Corwin
*Davy Fjällrud

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