Things Stop Working😜🤪

Feeling frisky! I love this!😜🤪

             Things Stop Working

I think I must belong to an alternative existence.
Not here, for I cannot stand that things don’t function.
References extremely small, annoyances without an unction:
Clocks and watches that stop running.
Printers that no longer print and quit at unpredicted times.
I use these things so happily when suddenly and rapidly
They’re shirking and no longer working –
To take paper and print out whatever it’s been told to
Or go tick tock, their sprints slowed down to a zero.

It drives me bonkers,
For my labor, by the sweat of brow
Piles miles up, just waiting, and the bonkers conquers.

Supposing all the power sours
And my works of art, my dear creations can’t be bared or shared –
Bared or cared for globally;
Opus lost, tossed into karma’s garbage can.
Oh, damn,
Things stop working in the murky circus of life’s cycles.
(Bicycles as well.)
Things Stop Working 5.10.2019 A Sense Of The Ridiculous II; Arlene Nover Corwin

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