What Is It To Be Brave?

Today’s thought. (Isn’t thought a strange phenomenon? It chooses itself) 🤔

      What Is It To Be Brave?

Woke this morning wondering,
What is bravery? What does it mean to me?
How to be an entity of bravery?
I’ve seen it in all forms for life: lion, tiger, rat and spider.
Not oft’ on my mind, I ponder and conjecture:
Am I one such plucky creature?
If so, when, where, which conditions?
Do I face resistance, loss?
Is vanity a driving force – the boss?
Am I inclined to nosedive,
Fear the underlying drive?

So many nuances to grapple with
When putting bravery to paper –
Certainly a shaper of one’s destiny.
Linked to empathy, one’s chemistry?

No crusader – that I know about myself.
No debater – that I also know.
Adequate at facing failure? I don’t know.
I’m growing. That I know.
It doesn’t show, but in the nuance of each chance
I’m taking more.
Of course, one never can be sure.

To be unshrinking, unafraid, heroic
One must have within a stoic strain:
Calm, cool, unflappable and unafraid of pain
In all its parts. And uncomplaining too.
Is that me? And is that you?

What Is It To Be Brave? 5.14.2019 Pure Nakedness II; Arlene Nover Corwin

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