I Like…😃

I like the American word ‘poop’,
The Swedish word ‘bajs’
They’re nice! (bajs rhymes with nice)
Gentle, playful words without vulgarity.
Words that deal with sensitivity
That makes a normalcy of a function
Common to us all.
In other words, a universal.

I like the word pregnant.
Not slang that casts aspersion,
Such as: ‘knocked up’, ‘preggerrs’
‘In a family way’, ’bun in the oven’.
One is ‘with child’; a majestic thing: enriching
All of life.

There is much I like.
I like simplicity. The childlike.
I like the abstract, philosophical. The dreamlike.
I like the strong, the wise, the kinglike…
Not much I cannot tolerate.
Yes, much I like.
I Like…6.1.2019 I Is Always You Is We; Arlene Nover Corwin

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