From Whence The Drive

From Whence The Drive…
From whence the drive for fame?
To get your stuff out into an audiencing witness world,
Out there, somewhere to anywhere.
From whence the drive for name?
Is it the same as fame? No doubt,
For one comes out
Escorted by the other.

More subtle still, from whence the drive for beauty?
A vanity?
To paint one’s face,
Put on a different daily dress?
Or is it in its self the need for love?
All the above?

Seven deadly sins there are.
Sins to dread? Where do they lead?
Nature’s law, inborn borne out by sin?
For Augustine they were a biggie.
Especially this vanity.
A sin into which we all dive into daily.

All these urges surging forth
From which we haven’t got a clue.
We ought to, for it’s me. It’s you.

They may originate
From the desire to create;
From having sex to being celibate.
From getting love and being seen
To giving love imperceptibly and hidden
From a public marketing itself unbidden
And unsparingly.

From whence the drive to anything?
This poet will keep questioning
While most will go through circumstance
With drives which only lead to suffering
And stress’ unhappiness, dense
As to why and where the origins.
From Whence the Drive 6.9.2019 Circling Round Vanities II; Arlene Nover Corwin

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