It’s So Much Easier To Say Yes😀🤸‍♀️

It’s so much easier to say yes than to utter no.
One often doesn’t think so
When one sometimes has to put one’s preferences aside,
Be childlike, give up one’s pride.
And so, depending on the mood
It’s but to choose
Till saying yes becomes be a habit.
Life is so much smoother. Grab it!
When you understand you cannot lose,
The proof immersed within the pudding.
Let yes be the budding test and rest in it.
Yes – acquiescence and compliance;
Pliability, a sweet docility;
Not necessarily passivity
For a yes has sometimes to become a no.
In time you’ll know when it is so.

It’s So Much Easier To Say Yes 6.10.2019 Definitely Didactic; Arlene Nover Corwin

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