Euphoria #2

Sometimes I write a poem and fully satisfied I print it, send it out to Facebook friends and then, a week later catch a glimpse and see weaknesses I’d never have thought of or recognised as being poetic deficiencies. This being the case, I offer you my just-now revised version of Euphoria #2 ✍️😇🧚‍♀️🧘‍♀️🤸‍♀️💕

We’re looking for euphoria!
For what, and also why and how?
Hence the drugs and alcohol,
Speedy pills et al, et al.

To keep on living in italic now
Focussed in the moment’s movement
Never knowing longterm outcome
But affecting points in time, each guided
In a way that shapes the next –
That the essence of this text!

How much sway
We really have on any day,
We cannot tell.
How much mastery is in our hands,
We cannot know or understand.
We want to win continuance,
A longterm dance, gratified, fulfilled and happy.
This we know instinctively.

Thus we come back to the word:
A summing up of qualities
Which make an ease
Of living’s satisfaction in the highest;
Cheer and delight, life play and sport;
Even rapture which transports.
In the world, not of…
Distorted by cavorting forces,
One can feel supported.

Hence phrases such as: ‘seventh heaven’ and ‘cloud nine’ –
Euphemisms for the finest of the fine –
Leaving out the toxic station of intoxication,
Euphoria’s exhilaration
Is the jubilation we were born to own.
Euphoria 6.28.2019 Nature Of & Reality; Arlene Nover Corwin

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