Tipsy (revised)

I re-discovered this a day or two ago and, I must unashamedly admit was altogether and immodestly charmed by it. So here it is – again. 😇

I was tipsy last night:
Quite enjoyed it.
Drinking just a thimbleful one time a year,
And there was I, a stumblebum, but clear
In head,
Dutifully fulfilling all that needed
To be done.
A charming, wonderful sensation: fun.

And yet, I thought about my liver.
Would I ever, no, I’d never
Be a drinker,
I’m too much a thinker –
And a Jew.
If you didn’t know
We Jews are not great drinkers,
Just great thinkers;
Contrite sinners on Yom Kippur,
Nobel winners,
Alcohol not in our tribe.

And so, it is not likely I’ll imbibe
Too many jiggers wine or booze;
Too many calories
And I don’t want to lose
My liver’s life too soon –
Or looks, or senses or the boon
Of brain and knowing
Who I am
And who I’m born
To be.
Tipsy 7.1.2017 revised 7,2,2019 Pure Nakedness; Circling Round Reality; Arlene Nover Corwin

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