Revision Is Renewal Through A Constant You

I don’t like to write long poems.  Most poetry readers and non-poetry readers - ones would like to attract - have not the concentrative powers or inclination to finish and/or take in the writer’s intent, style, etc.  Yet sometimes length is inevitable,  The poem and ideas form themselves, and as Mozart once told the emperor when told that there were an awful lot of notes in his composition, he answered “Only as many as are necessary!” 🤔🧘‍♀️✍️🤔

   Revision Is Renewal Through A Constant You 

I may not have a high IQ
I can’t divide or multiply;
But what is do have is the gift, or need to vary,
Nary understanding why, standing under
Underpinning every try, I fly.
Improvisation, mostly it is just creation, re-creation, recreation,
If you will. I tinker.
I suspect the greatest thinkers do the same.
Life is change, and life is you,
Change and life and you, the brew.

In poetry and song,
Choices many, it’s not long
Before detecting something wrong, weak, needy,
Yes, indeedy, needs some altering.
Not faltering, I try the new.
One changes view.
One sees it through affairs gone by:
New eyes that spy youth’s past aghast:
Photographs, films, poetry;
Whatever’s chanced to come upon:
The lack of skill, naivité
And all the things that made up immaturity.

Discovering, uncovering supportive threads
Through failed endeavours
Person You a-flowering since day zero.
Always you-the-Universal, us as well.
Not in detail but at root.
(Not route, for route is your own special jaunt)
A You meant to amount to something.

Back to this:
Life is change and change-renewal;
Forming and recharging fuel;
Working, toiling to fulfil
A soul whose sole significance is, well,
Contentment through a goodness spread
To body’s self and others’ head,
And at day’s end, when you’re In bed
A happy stillness.
Revision Is Renewal Through A Constant You 7.2.2019 I Is Always You Is We; Arlene Nover Corwin

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