Toilet Yoga🛀

Oh, the house, a useful place:
The bathtub where I brace toes, legs and arms
While sitting in its warming charms,
Putting pressure everywhere –
Stretching front and side and rear,
Scratching at and off a tear
Or scab or color I’m not used to.
Water soft, and callous too.
I can think of endless things to glean
Beside just soaping, scrubbing unclean skin.

Drying, finding the accessible and unget-at-able.
Holding onto lid or sink,
Then sinking down, or up on toes,
Or hosing down,
Or thrusting washcloth at the mirror,
I see field-days galore.

I can think of more, but now I’ve got to
Get up off the floor and dress up,
But before, I think I’ll do one little press-up.

Yoga is an everything-on-anything,
For any,- everything’s a tool:
This being essence of it all;

Toilet roll or toilet bowl.
You can fiddle and invent,
Add to the allotted span
So as to add one month, one year
One breath, less fear,
One period of usefulness,
One lovely animated force.
One hopes you weren’t too embarrassed.🚽

Toilet Yoga 7.7.2019 Circling Round Yoga; A Sense Of The Ridiculous II; Arlene Nover Corwin

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