The Aim Of Life

This may be the first poem of my next book to be called “Circling Around Ageing” – a subject that applies to all: each and every.

The Aim Of Living 💑⏳

Of course one thinks of happiness,
Fulfillment and all other blessings.
But I think it’s this:
To live as long as possible!

To lengthen life on planet earth,
Life’s all-inclusive worth’s
Worth aiming at.
I’m claiming that!

When life is shortened
Termination early cut in,
Life ain’t worth a bowl of nuttin’.

So, my fellow earth inhabitants
Avoid all accidents and ailments,
Stay ambulant, not abstinent or adamant,
Passionate, not too extravagant.
Guide life and stay away from self-division or derision,
Violence, corpulence, collision.
Socrates (or was it Plato) recommended moderation:
Not much sadness or elation

Ah yes, wisdom warm with knowledge
Breaks the blockage that is bondage,
They are bandages
That blocks us.

Under oceans, unexplored
Are worlds of living cells ignored
But filled with living energy.
See for yourself what comes of health.
Life extended to the -enth!
Living’s in itself a wealth.
And think, what we can leave for others
If we live like sisters, brothers.

Tips I’m giving while I’m living
Mostly, partly, mainly, chiefly
Are some keys of life forgiving.
Substance, pith and nucleus.
If they sound like something’s missing, only wishing –
If they do, it’s a beginning.
The Aim Of Living 7.15.2019 Definitely Didactic; Circling Round Ageing; I Is Always You Is We; Arlene Nover Corwin

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