Sensing A Divine 🤩🌎🌟

Non-judgmental, self-explanatory, I just love it! Sensing A Divine🤩 (how cute, he’s got stars in his eyes)

Sensing A Divine

You never can be sure, you can only have a sense.
And if you’re lucky ‘nough to have that sense,
Your day is filled with luck’s two pence.
But if you’re not, then you see life from different hands:
Technology’s techniques a means to comfort and advance.

With the divine behind that sense in mind,
You see the sciences as means to find
Divinity within, between worlds seen, unseen:
(atoms, neurons, glueoons, screwons,
Darkest matter, shattered stars,
Universes near or far, and so on.)
You see onenesses instinctively. You’ve got that sense
And look for One-ness in the planet’s sciences:
All a one and traceable,
Though wholly unembraceable.

Science/faith a contradiction?
Not a fiction, but a thing one has a feel for,
To make it real for rationality to deal with –
And some have got it, some have not.
So we’ll leave it quite at that.
Sensing A Divine 7.17.2019 A Sense Of The Ridiculous II; To The Child Mystic II; Arlene Nover Corwin

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