The Case For Abstinence

    Do I sound too radical?  too old fashioned?  Too silly to make the case for abstinence?

The Case For Abstinence

“Every 5 seconds a child dies” – UNICEF

It’s a chain.
It starts with an intercourse;
Lust’s copulation:
Often a a passion- emotionless crude fornication.
Ending with child born into this world;
A world ever crumbling
From overwrought fumbling,
Wanted or not.

Populace growing
Glaciers are melting,
Temperatures sweltering,
Science can’t keep up.
Maladies show up
Without ever having infected before.
For want of a ‘no’
Tummies keep growing
And thus world inhabitants:
I’d say incompetence.
Mommies are crying.
Children are dying.

Old-fashioned out-of-date,
Concept of holding back mating
And screwing, and doing
The thing most desired
Because we are mired in muck
For the sake of a fuck.
( somewhat embarrassing,
Husbands and menfolk in general harassing…)

I’m putting forth the logic of abstinence.
It needn’t be permanent, long-term or short-term,
But one must remember that dying is terminal:
Dying is terminal!

The Case for Abstinence 7.25.2019 Our Times, Our Culture II; Circling Round Eros II; Nature Of & In Reality; Arlene Nover Corwin

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