It’s My Eccentric Life

 In answer to those who might not get the hang of it.🧘‍♀️ 💕                                     

      It’s My Eccentric Life  🤪

Morning coffee, cheese and scone,
A jar of honey, honey brings when
I am still in bed past ten,
Moving life not yet made plain;
Bedside lamps with halogen
For ageing sight, winter mornings, reading nights,
Where just behind, shelves filled a-book
To find in just a moment’s peek;
Dammapada, books in Swedish, Light On Yoga,
I Ching, thrillers, spies and Gita:
Reinforcement within reach,
Each reaching out to scratch the itch of scrutiny.

Radio for sleepless darks,
The self-made pads, pens, pencils, bookmarks.
All things to help profess, confirm, express
With no aim whatsoever.

And so much more
That doesn’t fit into the norm,
That waits unformed in words to come.
It’s My Eccentric Life 11.16.2006 /re-written 2.27.2019
Pure Nakedness II; The Processes: Creative, Thinking, Meditative; Circling Round Yoga;

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