Sifting Through The Dross

          Sifting Through The Dross

Fire, flood,

War and blood –

It is no wonder I can’t stand

The papers and TV,

Those apps aimed right at me,

The dearth of quality,

The deprivation, loss of lives,

The angst it gives.

Preferring comedy,

Cartoons by Disney…

Am I cowardly?  


Fixated on the negative but well aware

Of heroes all around each day, each year,

Deeds of goodness and devotion, 

Yet, there is this bleak emotion, yucky fear.

Another factor is the greed:

The pressured need for growth and profit.

Prophets sow salvation’s seeds.

Many listening, few that heed.

With much to win and much to lose,

One mostly feels the costly loss.

But sifting through the dross with trust,

Stably doing what one must,

One gets a glimpse of tunnel’s light,

Decides it’s worth a willing fight

And pushes on through restive night.

Sifting Through The Dross 11.15.2019

Our Times, Our Culture II; Arlene Nover Corwin

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