Writing Under Covers

A word itself suggests idea;
An idea brings on word.
I know a person who can paint,
Design, build, decorate.
Can dredge up to the edge of art,
And yet he cannot find a way
To turn the light on in his car
When opening its door.

A hinder one could say.

Creativity has many shades –
Expression limited in untold ways.
None of us is whole, each always in a phase –
A passing on from one to one
To bring it forth to something done,
The tint of hint that gives it form,
To take it from the commonplace
To something boundless and immense.

It’s productivity that counts.

We all have minds with special charm;
Brains inclusive there to farm
With flow impossible to see or know,
Going on incessantly,
Measurable but retroactively.

And so the writer writes
Smack in the dead of night,
A childish flashlight for his light,
Delighted by the word.

Writing Under Covers 11.26.2019
The Processes: Creative,Thinking, Meditative; Arlene Nover Corwin

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