Comment On A Comment

How do I write so much?  A cup of coffee, a good breakfast and I’m off!  But really, dear Kakepop, it’s a matter of getting a phrase in my head, then letting an idea flow.

When I feel the poem has nothing more to add, I re-read it, checking for rhyme and meter, (both inner and outer) look for better, more lively substitutes.  Mark it either “to work” or if I’m satisfied “to print”.  Often, I look at it later and it’s possible that I make major changes.

  When Beauty’s Gone

When beauty goes,
The shape of ears and eyes and nose
Reworked by nature’s vagaries,
The inner thigh no longer firm,
Youth-keeping germ assassinated
By the victories of age –
Ah, me and golly, gee!

With no say and helpless,
At life’s mercy and defenceless,
All that one, you, I can do
Is sail on and tailor wit’s IQ
To buoyancy and cheer,
Happy that we’re here at all,
And have a ball!
When Beauty’s Gone 11.12.2019
Circling Round Vanities; Circling Round Ageing; Nature of & In Reality;
Arlene Nover Corwin

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