I Celebrate Self-Publishing

 I truly do, and thought I’d tell you why because it used to be that publishing yourself was looked down upon (although Whitman himself did it)  I want to give it status.

  I Celebrate Self-Publishing

Whitman wrote “i Celebrate Myself”
And I took note of what he wrote.
I’ve celebrated selves for years;
Selves a salve to heal, but now
I celebrate the self that prints, the self that dares,
That puts it out to air
For all the world to share in.

Whether throwing pearls to swine
Or tasters of the finest wine,
One writes willing to pay the price –
No publisher for huge advances
To build bank accounts and confidences.

With one part fantasy,
One part ambition,
One part vanity –
Whatever motive,
Publishing itself is votive;
Concentrated vibrancy,
Sacrifice the price.

The prize? Who knows?
It’s simply nice to share and know
Your work’s on show
And maybe, just perhaps there will be those who ponder,
Thinking twice about to reconsider l
Life and all that it consists of:
Bad, good, hate, love…
So much you’ve conceived
That he or she perhaps received
Where you have been the catalyst.
This the gist that justifies.
The reason, point and feeling
Behind publishing
I Celebrate Self-Publishing 12.12.2019
The Processes: Creative, Thinking, Meditative II; Arlene Nover Corwin

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