Sitting Down To Play

Sitting Down To Play 🎹🤸‍♀️🎯

I may have heard a tune that noon
Or suddenly remembered one from out the past.
Breathing in (it’s called inspired )
Sitting down at keyboard, tired or not
I play a chord.
A transformation may take place
A consonant become a dissonant –
Anyway, completely right!

I carry on, and if the mood and mind are light,
Spontaneously born,
I get a fresh new version
Left not knowing what the right has shorn.

With instincts of a bass player and basic to my talents
(which I’ve long learned to respect?
I gallantly proceed to seed a whole new version
Of a song I’d long forgotten.
It’s like cottonwool onto my ears.
I leave the keyboard cleared of doubt,
Cheered by what strange voicings have come out.

Ah, yes, sitting down to play
Is likened to a sitting down to pray.
Can you agree, jazz player-reader?
Have you never had the pleasure
Of this pressure-less approach?
If not, I vouch for senses that are on
The way to exaltation
And in some way liberation.
Sitting down To Play 6.15.2019 Vaguely About Music II; Arlene Nover Corwin

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