Now&Then, How I Miss…

 As much as one hates to use the pronoun “I”, writing or speaking, there are times when ‘I’ is the middle point and of the essence.

Now & Then, How I Miss…

I practice living the Now.
But now and then
I miss the old Arlene
Who had ten
Who could play arpeggios
With ease:
Adagios, capriccios,

Un-nostalgic, chanced to see
And old Youtube of Arlene-me
Singing, playing“All God’s Chillun” speedily,
Gleeful, musical and jazzy.
Wound up teary-eyed.

With just three left to play with:
Thumb and index on the left, only lonely thumb the right,
Filled with weakness
I can play a swinging bass
With Monk-like dissonance between,
The right thumb not at all a small dumb finger.

The trick will be to sow creativeness anew.,
Augment, stretch, grow and not go into
Any other place than Now
(if Now at all can be referred to
as a ‘place’.
I rather think of it as space).

In any case,
I was a little sad today;
The old Arlene who cannot play
The way she used to,
Caused by nature’s vagary.

Dear reader, please forget
This sentimental, reminiscent “…How I Miss…”
A useless business at the very least.*
Now &Then, How I Miss…1.6.2020 Vaguely About Music; Pure Nakedness; Arlene Nover Corwin

*Arlene Corwin collapsed on August 3rd, 2019. In a coma for a month, when she awoke, there were 4 fingers missing on the right hand, 3 half fingers on the left, and two catheters in one kidney The cause: Blood poisoning or sepsis (from the Greek ‘sepin’ make rotten). After two months she was home. Muscles shrunken, walking with help she began a regime of sit-ups, pushups, yoga…and using every object inI the house as tool now is fully flexible and growing stronger with each day.
But the hands, those hands…We’ll see what happens.

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