Is There A Case For Divination?

If one can make some sense, shed light on signs,
What can be made known?
Deep, explorable your nature,
You can only go so far
Interpreting a star.

There seems to be significance in divination,
Most of life interpretation anyway.

What, if any knowledge
Is no more than collage
When so much of memory is fanciful,
Wishful thinking, swishing round inside the brain –

Many hundred years ago
One of the first books ever printed
Was a book of divination.
Book, I Ching;*
Introduction by Carl Jung,
Annotation by Confucius
Translation: Richard Wilhelm, sundry others.

Rational and philosophical; precise results;
All based upon your own projections,
Circumstance. your mind, the generations…

Scientific, not a bit BUT…
With sincerity,
A mastery of modus operandi
Six throws of the coins produce
A grasp of future consciousness,
An understanding for success.

A case for divination?
Locked into the brain is something magical,
Some second sense, some second sight,
That seeks to make predictions
Out of dark and light
To give a sense of meaning
That controls the everything.

Is There A Case For Divination? 2.25.2020 Circling Round Reality; Nature Of &In Reality; Arlene Nover Corwin
*I Ching: Book Of Changes

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