Notes found…refined, completed (con’t)

Notes found …(con’t)

A yes-immist?
A pessimist of pure negation?
I’m not sure.
With some relation to one and the other,
I don’t know my label.
And where appellation is unthinkable
Don’t know if I am able
To call Arlene anything but Arlene.
(date unknown)
Yestiny II
By saying yes to most,
No to a few,
Come to this place in life,
Had fifteen second’s second vision on awaking
That the universe was coming into me,
A merging always going on
O course, my thoughts sought source.
Not for any reason
Than a mix of wish and logic;
Wish for energy that quickens…
Wish for any quality that’s nice.
Yestiny II 3.1.2020/3.28.2015

A Walk To The Mailbox Is Never The Same
Seeing everything through Arlene’s thread, Arlene’s head
Makes it easy to meet people, mould a subject,
Look at words to use, adjust through jest,
By way of grasp refashion consciousness.

Instead of guessing the whole time,
Never, ever a dull wearisome the same,
Loving word, connecting rhyme,
A promenade to mailbox is never tame
But new each step: clean and pristine.
(date unknown)

Check Your Motive
We do a hundred sundry things a day.
I heard a woman say,
“I’ve joined a race!”
This was life’s most central grace.
She was competing in some long forgotten place
Where face and figure were the basis.
Check the motive! Check the stimulus!
It usually
Is vanity.
Check Your Motive II 8.10.2015/3.1.2020

Things To Get Rid Of Somehow
Scraps of old, unworn clothes;
Paperwork no longer useful,
Dried out pens and old supplies;
Gadgets and unused devices:
Unmatched pot lids, storage plastics ;
Cables, wires, electronics;
Kitchen items long expired;
Tired makeup, nail polish old and dried;
Books you never, ever read…
All those things that make your head feel fried.
Things To Get rid Of Somehow (date unknown)

My Product Is My Talent
My product is my talent.
Why not use it to the benefit
Of family, friends;, the world out there?
To turn a profit?
Why not? It’s in me,
And it’s free.
My Product Is My Talent 1.5.2014/3.1.2020

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