A Poem Is An Emblem

Ideas, they come from nowhere. A poem is a kind of emblem, not a treatise. Always a projection of the universal through the personal.

A Poem Is An Emblem

A good poem is a movement well within the brain – :
Neurological and chemical,
Its sum of cells the working mind
Through growing chains of synapses –
Those tiny gaps across which pulses pass
Where day’s long lapse spells out
Its relativity.

Peculiar to each one (and me)
The time goes fast or slow,
Components shrink or grow,
The details varied with each person.

For that reason,
And to not appear too brazen,
Poetry, (my own)
Has made me sharper, keener,
Smarter, gleaner
Of ideas that come from no- and everywhere.

Thus, this simple object
Formed of alphabetic letters
In no worse or better
Than the eyes that fall upon it,
Emblematic syntax that it is.
A Poem Is An Emblem 3.17.2020 The Processes: Creative,Thinking, Meditative II; Arlene Nover Corwin

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