I Love You More & More

The many advantages of being a poet: 📖🖋📚📙📕🖊and finally,💕

I Love You More & More

What can be the meaning of
A “more & more” in love?
Broader, deeper,
More expensive – cheaper?
A fun concept upon which to dwell.
Does love swell? Ah, well,
There’s a thought!

A man who reads my poetry
Said that to me.
He hardly know this girl, hmm..lady,
Writer, woman, human.
Yet a poem evokes what it evokes.
Connoting anger, madness, lust & pathos…
Every idea on the globe
And further into universes,
All the connotations endless.

So, “i love you more and more”
Will be well stored cerebrally.
Not physically, nor sentiment-emotionally.
No, “more & more” will have more value than
Repeating schmaltzy rhymes again:
“Roses red, violets blue,
Sugar sweet, so are you”
This “more & more”
Is gloriously philosophical
And much more valuable
Than all the corn of yesteryear,
Being nearer to the real.

And so I thank you more and more
For thinking, saying ‘more & more*
Good wishes, and sincerely,
Arlene Nover CORwin.
I Love You More & More 4.20.2020 Love Relationships II; Circling Round Experience; Arlene Nover Corwin

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